Sinambung Indonesia Is Ready To Deliver Project Management For Educators Modules – On 2 August 2018, Sinambung Indonesia, an Education Agency, in cooperation with Dcolearning-ATV, a Registered Education Provider of Project Management Institute operating Indonesia, launched its newly developed Project Management For Educators (PMFE) modules aimed for Indonesia’s school teachers and educators.

The modules have been developed to help teachers and educators in teaching Indonesian students to understand the concept of project management based on a globally accepted standard in project management and to enrich their project-based learning experience.

“Sinambung Indonesia believes this approach is beneficial for teachers and educators in Indonesia as we have witnessed first-hand how understanding project management concept can help teachers and school headmasters in ensuring their school and program development are well-planned and well-delivered. We also believe project management skills is one of important tools for students in their journey ahead. The students can start applying some of the basic and simple techniques and tools of project management in their both on and off school activities.” Aditya Dharma, Sinambung Indonesia Program Director explained.

“As a corporate and professional development program provider, we have been in professional sectors for quite some time now, we are seeing the growth of professionals interest in learning project management to support their job or professional demands. Both in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. The trend is similar. Therefore, with Sinambung Indonesia, we believe we can start introducing project management even earlier from high school level in line with Project Management Institute Education Foundation (PMIEF) models.” Beby Lokita Salsabila, Program Development Manager of Dcolearning-Accoladia Group.

The PMFE pilot programs will be launched on 21-23 November 2018. Prior this program above, Sinambung Indonesia offers a series of mini sharing session events called Bincang Sinambung from Mid-September to Mid-October 2018. The Bincang Sinambung events are available for Indonesia’s teachers and educators for FREE.

Sinambung Indonesia invites all school principals and senior teachers to join this program. For more information and registration for PMFE, you can contact Sinambung Indonesia & Dcolearning-ATV representatives below.

About Sinambung Indonesia: Inspiring People, Empowering Nation

To create a better society -a harmonious and sustainable society- we need a correct understanding of the concept of sustainability. Sinambung Indonesia was born to bring hope and efforts to create a harmonious and sustainable life for institutions, organizations and communities through activities that: Empower the people in institutions, organizations and communities to become reflective and independent. Improve the capacity and quality of institutions, organizations and communities to be able to articulate sustainability into their own context. For further infornation please visit

Sinambung Indonesia

Program Director: Aditya Dharma (aditya.dharma @,
Mobile: +62 811 1078 717

About Dcolearning-ATV

Dcolearning-Accoladia Tri Vesta (Dcolearning-ATV) is a Registered Education Provider of Project Management Institute (PMI), specializes in project management professional development programs. Their programs are using Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) issued by PMI. This guide is globally accepted standard in project management. For more information please visit


Program Development Manager: Ms. Beby L. Salsabila (beby.salsabila @,
Mobile: +62 821 1272 4440

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